Billy Fonfrel

Pastor Billy Fonfrel was born September 20th, 1979 at Canne A Sucre Street. His father was a Cuban name's PapiteFonfrel and his mother is Eugenie Valme from Gressier Haiti. He is from a family of 7 children from his mother's side and more than 35 brothers from his father's side. His presence on this earth is living proof of the miracle of God.

When Billy was just a baby boy he became extremely sick, although his grandmother wished death upon him, God gave him life. Even though he was from a voodoo religious' family He grew up in a Christian home. His mother gave him up at an orphanage but Mrs. Rosalie Charles took him into her home in a city called Fond des Negres (South Haiti) until he was 11 years old. It wasn't until then did he begin a new life with his biological family, cousins, aunt, and brothers. The transition was not easy, but he still remembered the core values he was taught from his Christian upbringing. By the age of 13, Billy committed his life to the Lord.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ became a life style for him. In 1996, after recovering from a terrible sickness, Billy began his missionary work throughout Haiti. His first missionary trip was in Fond des Negres, where he grew up learning about the Lord. His childhood memories were so profound in that city that he decided to start a nonprofit organization called (CECAS ) Club Des Evangelistes Chretien En Action Social to continue giving back to his community as the Lord has done for him.

CECAS was created to preach the Gospel in words, love and actions. As the founder, Pastor Billy's main concern was to deliver the Word in a way he can reach out to young minds and help save lives. He allowed himself to be relaxed and personable to all who crossed his path and often was recognized as a Brother rather than a Pastor. His unique style of leadership paved avenues which would open up doors to a larger vision that the Lord had in using the servant.

Billy started ministering through words and music in church by the age of 15. He allowed the Holy Spirit to guide his path and use him to serve the less fortunate people who were thirsty for the Gospel.

In the early 1997 Billy made a choice to further his education and enrolled as Bible student at Maranatha Theology School. This ultimately led him to become a Minister Founder of Fraternity Baptist Church in La Saline, Haiti where he rejoiced and ministered the Haitians community for 18 years. After 2 years Pastor Billy Fonfrel became a leader at Nazarene Church at Cite De Dieu in Martissant Haiti, where his message was heard in nearly all cities of Haiti in person, by radio, TV and worldwide through the Christ internet. His purpose in Christ became clearer through each experience, but this was only the beginning. The Lord had grander plans for this young Pastor.

In 2000, Billy's mission would continue in Florida. He left Haiti made his way to Miami where God would continue to pave way and use his natural talents as a young preacher and musician to develop the youth at Jesus Christ Church of North Miami. As the Youth Pastor, working with the young generation early on was part of the Lord's perfect idea for Billy's life. He molded Billy by using his approachable personality to relate to the children he leads. The Pastor not only taught them the value of the Gospel, he made serving the Lord enjoyable by organizing activities and concerts, using music as an escape way to Christ.

Praise through worship and music was a vital part of Billy that Jesus could not ignore. Along his journey, God allowed opportunity for Pastor Billy to host a Gospel show well-known for its name "Horizon Éclair radio station (14.50 FM Stereo).

A few years later, he joined the US Armed Forces where he served in the US Military for 8 years. Not only was he a psalmist and a porter of light, he also served America by defending the country. While in the Military, he still had a deep passion for preaching, singing and missionary works. His first album titled "KenbeJeziPifo" was made after his 1st deployment overseas Every year he would take 30 days of vacations from the service to go and doing missions' works in Haiti: feeding the needy, teaching children about true love of God, distributing toys and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also helped build homes in Haiti, and also pay for the education of many young orphan boys and girls.

In 2006 Pastor Billy received Recognition Award from Full Gospel Church in New York. He also won the first prize from the Military Talent contest with a Creole song "Pouki W ". In 2009 Pastor Billy Fonfrel left New York to move back to Haiti where he changed C.E.C.A.S to OALAV :Oui A La Vie for a greater purpose. Through this organization he started many programs such as Impact Nations dealing with social, physical and health issues. Then later he came up with Haiti Gospel Talent at talent show that serves as Bridge for young Haitian Christians. In 2010 he received the HGMA Best Worship Award.

Pastor Billy Fonfrel oversees more than 5 churches in Haiti. He is the founder of Shiloh International House of Prayer in Titanyen Haiti.

He has 2 Albums in store ( Titled "KenbeJeziPifo" "Today " or "Kris Pou Ayiti"

He has accomplished great things not just in the Haitians community but worldwide. He has visited more than 40 countries throughout the world and has a powerful testimony that keeps him going from the East to West and from the North to the South on the earth. He believes his testimony must be heard by all nations. He has a prophecy to follow and a promise to keep. Through all of it, Jesus only made it possible.