Pastor Bobby Winter

Bobby Winter is a pastor and motivational speaker based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Born and raised in Haiti, he is currently the pastor of Evangelical Sanctified Church in Indianapolis, IN, where he has led since 2009. Aside from managing the church budget annually and training members for leadership positions, he has utilized his outstanding communication skills to teach the congregation. In this position, he has performed a number of interpersonal pastoral duties, including organizing mission trips to Haiti, counseling individuals with hardships, conducting fundraisers, and visiting ill church members in the hospital.

Bobby Winter is also known as Psalmist Bob which defines his love for God that is often expressed through music. He has a deep passion for music; He is a gifted songwriter and a singer. He released his first album entitled "Jezi Mwen" in 2013. The songs of this album are so unique and diverse and are continuously catching the attention of many people and have brought many closer God. He is also a worship leader who leads worship on numerous occasions at the church that is under his leadership and in other major Church anniversaries.

Mr. Winter possesses a wide range of educational experience. He holds a B.A. in Leadership in Ministry from Ohio Christian University and has graduated as an agriculture technician. He attended Heart Missionaries Training Institutes in Lake Wales, FL, which is an extended program of Warner Southern College. He graduated from World Harvest Bible College with a concentration in pastoral leadership. In August 2014, he recently graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership.

He has a deep passion for preaching the Word of God across the world. To that end, he regularly travels throughout the United States and to Haiti to conduct a number of conferences and to preach. In his career as a pastor, he has seen a great deal of miraculous healing take place, from the cure of brain tumors, severe headaches, menstruation issue, stomach ulcers, Heart problems, and so on. He uses his spiritual gifts to help bring about revival; something he believes is integral to his mission for God's work on Earth.

Mr. Winter's dedication and tenacity are not without a background of adversity. At birth, his parents decided not to keep him, but instead of giving him for adoption or finding another family, they did the unthinkable. He was thrown in a dumpster. This led him to question God, as it created an unshakable sense of neglect, depression, and unworthiness in him. When everyone else could look to their parents for encouragement, he only had his dreams. In the years since, he realized that it was an opportunity to see the pure love of God in his life.

He reminds us that as God's people, the negativity that happens in our lives makes the positive much more meaningful. He realized that God Himself was the solution to all his problems, and this began a lifelong relationship. He values God's love immensely due to the dire circumstances from which he was saved. This planted the seed for Christian leadership in his heart, leading him to where he is today.

In closing, Mr. Winter offers a short prayer to recite for those who desire the presence of God in their life:

Lord, forgive me for not showing your love to others like I should. I am willing to do it now as long as you teach me how. I am certain that the testimony of your love for me is getting better and better. I will abide in your love by loving others. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!