Prayer and fasting Ministry

Matthew 17:21, however, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.

We believe in the supernatural power of prayer and fasting. Many people fail to get the proper result is because they have not laid their prayer and fasting. Fasting is to buffet your body by abstaining it from food for spiritual purposes. Although, it is possible to refrain from fluids under special direction from God, but it is not recommended to do under normal fast. Our church submit ourselves to 12 hour fast every fourth Saturday. We have witness many major miracles over the years, from cancer, financial blessings, and so on. Additionally, the presence of God is constantly growing in the church which has caused many lives to be radically transformed and delivered from the hand of the enemy. "Check out the testimonies"

Revival can only take place when Christians have dedicated themselves in prayer and fasting. Please remember "God is always able but we are not available."