For any donation of $20 or more, I would love to send you my album entitled “Jezi mwen” which composed of 3 English songs, 3 french, and 4 Creole songs. For any donation of 30 or more I would love to send you my album and my sister book entitled “The life of an orphan.”

Church building funds

In 2009, I accepted the call of God and began leading Evangelical Sanctified Church, a church that was going down to slope due to constant disagreement among leaders and lack of leadership. Since then, we have seen God tremendously transform the church through prayer and fasting and the preaching of His word. But all those changes are taking place in someone else facility, who has graciously open their door for God’s work. Now we have grown and are continuously growing, which is time to get our own facility to fulfill God’s work in the community, particularly the Haitian community. I believe you can help save this community; I have begun a fundraising campaign to raise 200,000.00 in the next 18 months. We have a long way to go, and I believe you can help us get there. Please click the donate button and give cheerfully.

Church Sponsorship

Evangelical sanctified church was founded by Pastor Jean Andre Carlo. This church is currently in two locations in United Sates (Columbus, OH and Indianapolis, IN) and nearly 9 locations in Haiti. We want to be a support system for those churches in Haiti. The need is enormous and your contribution will be greatly appreciated. We are in need of money, instruments, clothing, e c t.

Mission Trips

Possible Activities of our Mission Trips:Mobile clinic, Orphanage Visitation, Hospital visitation, Crusade, Feeding program, Explore the nation day, and Evangelization. May bless you abundantly the burden to help any of these ministries reach their goals! We need medicine, clothes, and hygiene products, toys, Bible e c t.