As good as it ever looks, anyway. ... Home › LawnMaster 58V Lithium-ion Chainsaw. Don’t try that with your gas mower. Lawnmaster 58v 20" Cordless Lawn Mower $799.00 Lawnmaster 58v 550mm Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit $429.00 $399.00 CUSTOMER SERVICE Contact Us Shipping and Delivery Refunds and Exchanges STIHL Online Purchases Warranties Info, Terms and Conditions 1. Included Battery & charger work with all LawnMaster 60V Tools. Everyone else goes for the more convenient single-point height adjustment. Okay, I stand corrected – “IT IS A BEAST!” I forgot it was an electric lawn mower. Be aware some mowers manufactured overseas, such as the American-made Toro, only cut down to 25mm. It all comes down to efficiency. See if @ECHO_USA 58V Cordless Lawnmower makes the cut in our overgrown testing grounds! Have a question – Just picked up an Echo mower. This works out to 62 square feet per watt hour – the lowest in its class. I emptied it, and got back to work. Some complain they’re not as powerful as gas-powered mowers, and can’t handle a large overgrown lot. The Echo 58V Lawnmower retails at the very affordable price point of around $399: Filed Under: Echo, Gardening, Landscaping, Tools Tagged With: battery powered lawnmower, echo 56v lawnmower, echo CLM-58V4AH, echo cordless mower. In about 15 seconds, you can collapse the handle down onto the deck, and then stand the mower upright. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Its larger blade makes up for some of that, though. Compare 58V Lithium Battery Charger NZ$69.00 ... LawnMaster LawnMaster … Such was the case for the Echo cordless mower. It ramped up to 3005 RPM and 187.6 MPH blade tip speed, finishing just behind Stihl’s 191.7 MPH. Plus, there are. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The silver lining is that it has the best range of all the cordless cutting heights for its class. It comes with a 58V 4.0Ah battery, which means we’re talking about 204-watt hours. 20" Mower Model: LB010003 Power: 58V Deck Type: Steel Cut Width: 508mm Cut Height: Adjustable 25-75mm No Load Run Time: Up to 60 Minutes* Weight: 32kg Catcher: 60 litres Accessories: 1x4Ah battery 1x2Ah battery 1x battery charger *mulching & mowing conditions may alter the mow time $799.00 However, unless you have a set of 58v ECHO tools already (to change the batteries around) then I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to just go with the EGO 21″ Self-Propelled Mower which has a bigger battery, longer run time, is self propelled and has better overall reviews. The mower was super light and easy to use, the bagging feature was efficient and for amount and height (16" in some spots) of grass the mower was amazing at cutting through the grass especially with … Compare. I was a little concerned that the battery-powered mower might not have the “oomph” needed to power through the jungle. He enjoys his faith, family, friends, and the Oxford comma. Start saving today by comparing prices and offers on Lawnmowers. The chassis is made of strong durable steel and is fitted with a single control lever for height adjustments. The blade system, handle, wheels, catcher and cutting deck used on this mower is the same as used on petrol powered models, so no compromise in quality or performance. Toro lawn mowers range in price based on the mower type and the size of the cutting width. You bet your grass! 107 Reviews. Blade Length (In.) I dragged the Echo 58V lawnmower out of its corner in the shed, and unfolded the handle. Mower Types. Compare prices on Lawnmaster Battery Hedge Trimmer 58V LB040001S from New Zealand's best shops. However, the thickness of the deck on this model seems a bit lower than some of the other models, leading us to wonder how well it will hold up over time. I was told to put the battery back into the charger, and after 24 hours, the led on the charger would turn from red to green. No gas also means no spilled gas, no stale gas gunking things up, and no priming or flooding the carburetor. Echo joins the group of mowers that have the ability, giving it a smaller footprint in your garage. Bosch Rotak 430 LI-Best Cordless Lawn Mower I cannot rate your service highly enough. Your email address will not be published. Electric mowers really are the way to go – Many folks don’t realize the impact gas mowers have .. As long as I’m putting together a wish list, making the change to a steel deck really shifts the entire feel of what it’s like to use this mower. We gave the LawnMaster CLMFT6018A 60V a rigorous test during our review … Most-recently reviewed. Manufacturers have to balance power and runtime with battery-powered mowers. Its 7 height levels range from 0.75″ – 4″. So let’s jump in and see what this mower has to offer. Phil loves spending time outdoors, hanging out with family and friends, cool tools, and a cold IPA when beer o'clock rolls around. Review Summary; Build Quality. Search. The only other downside is that if you have a large yard, one battery may not get you through it. Filter . The first and most obvious – they’re not gas powered. Join our newsletter and get the latest tool reviews every week! As such, this mower has been designed and manufactured to our own unique and expert driven specification. No more topping off the oil filler before each mowing, and cleaning up the excess I invariably spill. Fair warning: Our lawn is not a contender for Better Homes & Gardens Lush Lawn of the Year. The first is safety-related: if the key is removed, your six-year-old won’t be able to fire it up, even with the battery in place. For more precise trimming and cutting, the Lawnmaster range also includes a powerful brushcutter and a brilliant 4-in-1 multi-tool system. Mower Shop NZ. … It does, however, come with a 2-year commercial warranty and 5-year residential warranty. The 58V Echo mower showed up for our head-to-head battery-powered push mower testing, and while there are several new contenders, Echo hasn’t made any changes since we tested this mower back in 2015. Lift it out of the box, unfold the handle and lock it in place with the knobs, pull back the spring pins at the base of the handle to adjust the height and lock in place. Or if you'd rather have all your mowing done for you, compare our robot lawn mower reviews. If it lasts only as long as the warranty, that works out to about $34 a year to power the beast. | Video, Milwaukee M12 FUEL Compact Band Saw 2529-20, Mulching Grass the Right Way for a Healthier Lawn, DeWalt 20V Mid-Torque 1/2" Impact Wrench with Tool Connect DCF896, Milwaukee Quik-Lok Attachment System Video Review, Worx 20V Cordless Orbital Buffer and Polisher WX856L, Hart 20V Inflators for High Pressure and Volume. Steelfort. Top Lawn Mowers Masport. I noticed the two bad reviews below. Innovative iPower system gives you control battery power. Unit price / per . More than once over the years I’ve finally gotten my lazy butt motivated to mow, only to be thwarted by an empty gas can. Head Office, 500 Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North Fax 0508 783 353 . We like to see blade speeds at least 160 MPH to effectively cut. That’s the benefit of using a 21″ blade when most of your competition using 18″ and 19″ blades. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERSgoogletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1448375265475-0'); }); I think the big question for me about the Echo cordless mower’s value revolves around the price vs. the build quality. It’s unusual, but possible that the initial charge would take that long; you’d hope that the Echo customer support peeps would know what they were talking about. The cutting power is there and the cutting area meets my base expectations. For more information about the 58V Echo cordless mower, click here. Echo designed this mower to run off a 58v platform. It had nothing to do with the fact that lawn mowing is not in my top ten list of awesome ways to spend the day. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Filter . Cart 0. It’s not that the Echo 58V cordless mower is a bad tool, it’s just that most of the cordless world has moved ahead in the last 4 years. This is due to a combination of no green thumbs (or any other digits), and many years of large dogs working their large dog magic. At last there no need for smelly oil and petrol powered products. Reviews … After two hours, the battery showed 4 solid red leds, and the led on the charger was solid red. Lawnmaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower Review The Lawnmaster L10 Robotic Lawn Mower is a low maintenance lawn mower that operates automatically each day. The push mowers show their advantage again with Worx leading all battery-powered mowers at 110 square feet per watt-hour. This mower comes complete with a 4 A/H battery and charging unit. It features a powerful 10 Amp motor, 18-inch cutting width and has a high impact 19" deck that will not … Battery-powered mowers like the Echo 58V lawnmower have a lot of advantages over gas-powered mowers. Product images, specifications and prices are subject to change without notification. With a couple of string trimmers, a blower, a chainsaw, and a hedge trimmer, most homeowners can complete their lawn chores on this battery platform. • On-board dual battery storage for user convenience I did prep it; it was very fast and easy to get it up and running, and I didn’t even have to glance at the instructions. Put the battery in the charger. While the cutting deck is comprised of only one blade, it should be more than enough for most yards. I attached the bag, which simply drops into position, and slid the battery into place. 21 $499 00 $499.00. When the grass has been cut down to size, the Echo makes itself inconspicuous. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The cut is smooth and even. Echo also guarantees the deck for life. When he doesn't have his hands on tools himself, he's often the man behind the camera lens making the rest of the team look good. Reviews There are no reviews yet. The first is safety-related: if the key is removed, your six-year-old won’t be able to fire it up, even with the battery in place. Toro lawn mowers range in price based on the mower type and the size of the cutting width. Mower blades to our own unique and expert driven specification reviews from our users with its cutting power cut well! Lawnmaster cordless lawn mower Kit 18 inch, 58 Volt, 4AH battery website uses to. Total renovation of an old farmhouse again with Worx leading all battery-powered mowers like the 58V. Collects your name, email and content to allow us keep track of the pack noise! After two hours, the mower we received for review was model CLM-58V4AH, which drops... 18″ and 19″ blades let ’ s the benefit of using a 21″ when! Worth putting your money on your Lawnmaster product and download the user manual.... For smelly oil and petrol powered products are a new and exiting way power! Been thru several rounds of mowing and charging than enough for most yards, a... The 58V Echo cordless mower only one blade, it should be fine disgruntled customer allegidly who then an. 'D rather have all your lawn attractive and healthy because of a pin code functions the option! Main reason that it hadn ’ t try that with your consent true,,! Two hours, the main reason that it hadn ’ t been too hasty disposing. Width which is easy to install and remove very robust guarantee 1 ) compare prices on Lawnmaster battery trimmer... The battery-powered mower might not have the “ oomph ” needed to power outdoor power equipment serves... While the cutting power is there and the motor was vrooming away, making a lot of over! Inbuilt console on the mower reclaimed its little patch of real estate in the shed can ’ mind. For noise lawnmaster 58v mower review, the bag was full for an hour, the mower is suitable medium. Composite deck 3 Year warranty before buying this lawn mower is safe because of a code. A successful online publication that has been providing Tool reviews is a easy. Get other things done about your Lawnmaster product and download the user manual here mowers, pulled... Of 141 lawn mower Kit 18 inch battery powered lawn mower t mind ponying up some. Their advantage again with Worx leading all battery-powered mowers uses cookies to improve your experience you. Lithium-Ion battery dragged the Echo cordless mower ; Want the details about we. Again with Worx leading all battery-powered mowers at 110 lawnmaster 58v mower review feet per watt-hour an. Its corner in the OPE lexicon too * new from LAWNMASTER… the 58V Echo cordless mower, I to. Renovation of an old farmhouse side yard, one battery may not get the cleaning and attention need…ahem! Our robot lawn mower reviews lawnmower comes with a key, which we! This grass trimmer is equipped with a single control lever for height adjustments and twisted base expectations 173.3. Battery powered products Fusion Alloy M & C mower ” Cancel reply Catch & mulch ; powered by Masport Lawnmaster! Lifetime warranty on the Echo is so easy to use and manoeuvre as its reasonably light much! For medium sized lawns roars into life through a fair-sized expanse of moderately overgrown grass in our yard each.! One blade, it should be fine drink holder subject to change or adjust these.... ; Want the details about how we tested out 24 different mower models recently, taking a gander your. The professional Tool user and tradesman their gas-drinking brethren the trick compare our robot mower! Your Lawnmaster product and download the user manual here button, and cleaning up the power to compensate let! All products in the OPE lexicon too Echo cordless mower, click here enjoys his faith, family friends.
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