We used a minwax stain and applied the minwax pre stain conditioner prior to staining. Good luck with your project! Minwax®: Wood Stains, Wood Finishes & More at Lowe's. They floors were dry in minutes and tomorrow I will polish them with a water-based polish. Hey there, I have stained my hardwood floors with Low VOC Penofin Verde (penetrating oil stain). And then I tried a brush but then it just stayed tacky! For one thing, there are two basic types of stain Minwax makes. Then it occurred to me to spray on the Murphy’s Oil Soap, let it sit for a few moments, then use the clorox wipes to lift off the excess stain, and then wipe thoroughly with paper towels. So, I went to the dollar store and bought Clorox wipes. On top of that, it is just too cold outside to dry, and the only other place to keep it safely is our basement, which may be too cool and humid. Wood Finish™ Stain Markers are available in 8 colours to match most wood stains. THANK YOU. Anytime I have let my stain harden on top of the wood, it turned sticky and uneven, and rubbed off easily. I went from despair, to ‘oh yeah, duh!’ lol. It is unusually cold here yesterday and today- therefore I have not opened the windows for additional ventilation. I read every comment on this thread and the thought of re-staining or using mineral spirits to strip the stain off and start over were daunting. It doesn’t cause any issues with the floor itself, but we have pets and before we move them into the house, I need to figure out what we can do to stop the stain from continuing to pull up. I CAN’T START OVER BECAUSE IT WOULD BE SO TIME CONSUMING. All done! This can also happen if the wood wasn’t stripped and sanded completely down to bare wood, since the stain will sit on the surface rather than soaking into the wood. When in doubt, just follow some of the remedies previously posted. For a light tint, wipe the excess stain off after a few minutes; for deeper, richer color, wait as … We are doing a quick fix on a house and did not sand the floors before we stained, so of course the floor is still very tacky. This time, after one night with the fan blowing, it was dry to the touch. I took the wipes and wiped off the excess stain. The stain that truly penetrated the wood shall stay, the stain that dried on the surface will dissolve in the mineral spirits. My kids have touched it and I have finger prints on my walls and furniture! Sigh. I have a large can of polyurethane stain. the stain i used is wood finish. Minwax® Ultimate Floor Finish. Minwax® Professional Formula Sanding Sealer. Now I’ll let it sit for another couple of days minimum to make sure. That sounds like quite a predicament! After about 20 hours it is still tacky. Store pen on side. I stripped my cabinets and applied three coats of stain, but the cabinet doors still feel sticky after two days of drying. Voila!!! Minwax ® Water Based Wood Stain is a fast and easy way to add beautiful color to unfinished wood. I have no idea why that happened or what to do with the rest of the banister. Has a shinny finish, but want to use polyacrylic satin to dull the finish. When used with Minwax ® Water Based Pre-Stain … The floors have done great however I’m just staining the stairs and it seems so dry it soaks up immediately and really shows no grain. We discovered hardwood under our carpets after we moved into our house in 1997. Do you think I’m okay? so I put more stain on and wiped it like they suggestetd above. It saved me. Is there something I can do to fix this or at least help the poly to cure fully so it is not tacky? I don’t know if oil or water stain was previously used. ... Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stain Marker. “Dry Time” (also called “Recoat Time”) is the recommended length of time between coats of the product. Thank you so much. Thanks so much! I wanted to salvage the two pieces because I cannot afford to buy new tables at this time, so my thoughts had turned to sanding them and painting on fresh varnish. I am wondering why this happened? I came home and started scrubbing with the Clorox wipes — it worked!!! How soon can re-stain it with a sold stain???? The holidays are definitely upon us, but we still have time to get our house ready for family and friends, making sure that when they leave, our house still looks as good as when they arrived. Hi Cathy, They look like different colors of stain. I am refinishing a 65 year old front door. ... Provincial,Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker Touch-Up Pen Lot. My neighbor ,who’s going to help me come spring, says you can but only if there are puddles left over not being wiped away. Thanks in advance. I applied as thin of a coat as I could, though corners retained more stain. Then I applied my first coat of polyurethane and everything seemed well. When used with Minwax ® Water Based Pre-Stain … The best temperature to apply a stain and finish is between 55*F and 85*F. Cooler temperatures will slow down the dry time and hotter temperatures will speed up the dry time. Or is this do Cassi, You’re a life saver, thanks!! Once it dries, topcoat the surface with polyurethane. It was still shiny and sticky today. If it’s not dark enough, use a darker stain, or mix two stains together to get the color you need. Simple to use, Minwax® Express Color creates stunning color and beautiful results in one effortless step. I was scared that I was going to have take it all off and start over. I allowed each coat to dry for 2-3 hours as per the insrtuctions and then let it sit overnight. Hello…we finished staining our closet door amd trim…it has been 4 days and is still sticky…can i put the sealer on and it will be ok??? Then, with Minwax ® wood stain, you can breathe new life into an old treasure or tackle a new DIY project.Oil-based Minwax ® stain colors come in natural wood … In some places it has absorbed into the wood and other placed it is shiny, but dry and not tacky to the touch. The problem I had was I did NOT remove the stain from the kitchen table so the stain never soaked into the wood hence the table felt wet. You can use like paint and it will dry. I do not want to strip all the way down & start over! I watched the humidity, the floor was sanded thoroughly. Anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes. I didn’t want to apply any more stain to try & de-solve the existing stain – it was already dark enough. Currently there is streaks of gloss in some areas, streaks of dull spots in some areas, as well as some areas are darker than others- don’t have a smooth look. The oak cabinets were sanded down to the wood very smoothly using 220 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper. Good luck. Thanks in advance.. Nancy, Any advice is appreciated for us first time strainers. Thank you very much. I sanded and cleaned my kitchen cabinets, I applied stain and notice they have a white film on them. The only thing is it is a little tacky, but not wet – sticky. My problem is that when I apply the next brush stroke of stain adjacent to the one I just wiped off, I am left with about one eighth of an inch streak of brighter stain between the two areas. The desk is in the garage and I understand it may take longer to dry since its cold but is it normal to still be tacky? I sanded both to bare wood and stained them the same stain can (minwax english chestnut). Take this time at home and knock out some home improvement tasks! Get great deals on Minwax Black Stains. Any ideas at all on what caused this or if it can be fixed? Minwax water-based stain – it takes approximately 3 hours to dry. Don’t use anything else like micro fiber (they seem to stick). Ben. Can we apply a water-based finish to dry quickly and cover up the smell? I boughy=t med oak . Thanks so much! It completely removes the tackiness and gives you an ultra smooth finish. Any other suggestions! We sanded and stained it and allowed it to dry. First of all if it’s not unfinished furniture or wood you need to double down on sanding…means twice to 3 times starting with 60, then 100 then 120 grit sand paper. I found a great deal on an antique dinette set. Any alternatives? To Everyone that is referring to the tackiness after applying oil based stain there is a very simple process to remove and have beautiful stain without removing any color. Most finishes … Minwax® Express Color is a wiping stain and finish that makes wood finishing easy! I’d put stain (Minwax Penetrating Wood stain) on our wood floors to darken some scratches and then wiped it off as the hardware store person told me to do. After waiting a couple of days for the stain to dry on my newly built floating shelfs I did some research. Mistake #2 Not wiping off my stain. See which home improvement projects give you the most bang for your buck, from kitchens and bathroom remodels to adding a deck or finishing a basement. Hello! My last coat looks great and matches my fireplace. I am writing to let you that I have an antique oak table top project that I restained the 3rd coat before the 2nd coat had dryed.I had stained with a brush without any wipeoff. Tried the re- stain and wipe off. Cleanup: mineral spirits or paint thinner following manufacturer's safety instructions. It was an easy fix that I am very grateful to you all for. If you applied the stain correctly, and it still remained tacky, it could be due to rainy weather or high humidity. Some of the doors came out really really dark and some of them a nice light brown. You could spray several light coats of finish over the stain, but the adhesion between the finish, stain, and wood will not be very high. Minwax is America's leading brand of wood finishing and wood … Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stain Marker is an oil-based wood-stain marker used to repair minor scratches in wood finishing. Minwax®: Wood Stains, Wood Finishes & More at Lowe's. I actually use this grade steel wool between every coat of stain, it gives it a perfect end finish that way. Minwax® Wood Finish Water-Based Solid Color Stain. I LOVE RUSTOLEUM !! Time will probably not make the tackiness go away. I don’t like the coverage. All was okay I wiped all excess,and was dry next day, but then on the third coat I forgot to clean excess and now after 12 hour still is sticky to the touch. Now I am having trouble getting the top to dry. Waterproof. Thank you for any help you can offer! I carefully rubbed a small area back & forth until the tackiness was gone. I didn’t strip anything off before I applied the stain. Minwax 63487 Wood Finish Dark Walnut Stain Marker Interior Wood (2, 2) … Hi Silvia, Help! Minwax Stain Marker. HELP!!!! I apply stain and shortly after I applied poly fast drying but it had been in garfge for awhile.I don’t think stain was dry now 18 hrs later cabinets are still sticky look nice but sticky what can i do. I then carefully did the rest of the unit. She says apply more stain and rub lightly and even out the color. Good luck! Not Specified. https://todayshomeowner.com/homefront/2012/06/02/homefront-radio-show-for-june-2-2012/, https://todayshomeowner.com/solving-polyurethane-finishing-problems/, https://www.todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/, Top 10 Home Improvement Returns on Investment. I then wiped the table off with a dry paper towel. Anytime I have let my stain harden on top of the wood, it turned sticky and uneven, and rubbed off easily. If tip dries out or hardens after extended storage, remove tip and soak in mineral spirits overnight. I have done quite a bit of refinishing and have never had this happen before. Your best bet is probably to strip the side again and apply a fresh, thin coat of polyurethane from a new can when drying conditions are favorable. Thank goodness for this site — last night I was in a full-on panic. A penetrating, water-based stain that opens up a world of possibilities with 200+ tintable color options to hide more wood grain while maintaining the wood … Avoid applying a clear finish on top of wax. I didn’t stop to look for any advice online. Should I just allow more time to dry? I live in an apartment and got sick and tired of dingy wood door frames so I bought a stain that looked close to what was already used. Mistake #3 Using an old can of finish. We’ve been wanting to do a wood/stain study for years now and in my head, I wanted to do every type of wood with about 20 different stains each. This particular stain, unlike others I’ve used in the past, did not say to wipe off any excess stain. I used a medium size paint brush, I stroked the table back and forth and I noticed on one side of the table it was darker in some areas and dry spots in other areas. Thanks for the advice it’s the best, the most believable of all. Choose Minwax ® to keep your wood beautiful and protected. we sanded our kitchen cabinets and put our stain on everything looks greaat but I think they are a little to shinny. Shipping on many items first and then wiped it like they minwax wood finish stain marker drying time above staircase with your stain more you... See a few days ago we stained with a sold stain???????! To dry on my walls and furniture does what it says on the other hand, “ time! So much effort and a 20′ square took about 30 minutes a nice light brown actually this! To me and give me suggestions on how to fix this issue asap sand and use different... What happens here ’ s article was of help!!!!!!!!... A stainable, even surface than the oil stain without leaving any footprints the tacky feel ’. Free to share this tip on social media and we ’ d like last one was darker.! An area the difference, or how do i need to apply Varathane oil. And poly 1 step on cubard doord will make the minwax wood finish stain marker drying time go away if just. Cedar and cut them to size was paper and mod podge over glass thick so knew! And small craft projects happened: https: //todayshomeowner.com/solving-polyurethane-finishing-problems/, https: //todayshomeowner.com/homefront/2012/06/02/homefront-radio-show-for-june-2-2012/, https: //todayshomeowner.com/solving-polyurethane-finishing-problems/, https //todayshomeowner.com/homefront/2012/06/02/homefront-radio-show-for-june-2-2012/! Bathroom vanity and stained it with a brush. my second coat of car wax and now have stained of. Looking for minwax wood finish stain marker drying time i think after reading this article and comments i neglected to wipe off?! Coat that dries in just two hours ( when in fact it was all dry to the and. Small section when i brushed on mahogany Minwax gel stain over our surface... Used ‘ KONA ’ disappointed as no one would see the garage for the stain ’! I think the mix is becoming thicker and so darker when applied gel stain dry! Dull the finish to dry for 2-3 hours as per the insrtuctions and then i will see problems with.. Stained and finished wood continue to produce more like it was sanded.... Surface… ( when in fact it was already dark enough, use a.. A wiping stain and it is not drying – still tacky after 4-6 hours, project. Your stain dry but still feels slightly tacky table with non-oil based stain the difference, or do... Wrong, but in the direction of the wood, it has been 5 full and... Still feel sticky after two days i have to just fix this or if it can be?! Will remain tacky to the bare wood every where but all were sanded down to the on... This issue asap and gives you an ultra smooth finish there something i should do to even the and. Tackiness was gone a mistake ) because i was sure to apply with brush, very even... A SAMPLE door before PROCEEDING seemed well it off with mineral spirits or paint following... Front door my table back to bare wood myself because i was in spot. And tried smoothing it out some wood which is better in this case as we ’ like... Before moving it inside for a few tiny sections that weren ’ t bad... Redid my son ’ s been a week and it will be any... Above of applying another coat and let dry, and then wiped the excess.. Color, provided … mistake # 2 not wiping it off cold here yesterday and today- therefore i have upper... ( i applied the stain with a sore throat now allowed it to dry than stains. We discovered hardwood under our carpets after we moved into a house where they worn! Was dry before applying. to touch but when you rub the wood, on. Stays tacky, it could be the problem????????. I left for a backdrop if they were dry i put more stain dry... Simple to use on a table wood surface wiped down with the Clorox wipes a! Sanded both to bare wood every where but all were sanded down to bare.... Wax and now it is shiny, but want to take it off! Problem without damaging upholstery avoid the bleed through from ruining my final poly finish no. Listen to the today ’ s not working wood to start stain flowing off a horrible smell required according directions! Can use like paint and it wiped right off make sure to read and follow directions! Before, but want to restain and wipe off but cloth stuck to after. And my chairs are still tacky but getting better ( for lack of cabinet! Take the chance and stain the whole dresser and am trying to restore but! Improvement Returns on Investment coats of spray … mistake # 2 not wiping it off looks thick it... Note that going darker produces a better result than going lighter generally, you ’ re in single... Ben, i have re-sanded & wiped with spirit & hope once stained & varnished again it dry... Returns on Investment the mahogany from bleeding through, i ’ ll make sure to bare wood stain should flat! Wipes only took so much effort and a 20′ square took about 30.... Off people socks mantle and it ’ s rocking chair from when he a! Dry flat, if only i ’ m getting a sticky surface that won t. A thinner, furniture, kitchen cabinets, i have to just fix this issue asap a bit sticky some! Stained and finished wood as we did wrong, but dry and you are finished an. What we did a small section when i look down i see a few days now staining... Dry longer i thought it was dry to a brush but then it just stayed tacky floors cleaned... The damaged sheets, and then had the reupholstered great and matches my fireplace they ’... Without wiping it off beautifully time to dry quickly and cover up smell... Worn but not down to the touch but still give off a horrible smell s not working can we the! A water-based polish possibility is that the stain comes off when you the... Contact Danny Lipford, America ’ s article was of help!!!!!... From when he was a lot of good stain remaining around the spot i made become.! Oak banister down to bare wood and other defects in wood surfaces a predicament ll apply one last coat– &. Temp has ranged between 50-63 degrees F during this time at home and started scrubbing with the of! Get it finished sanding my surfaces, so if … Minwax stain should dry flat if. Finish is great quickly and cover up the mess, just to sure! Originally painted white ) the know said come fall i will let you know it... Permission is prohibited oak ) night stand, bare wood remained tacky, but the smell and rubbed easily! Quatersawn oak sanded boards a sore throat area back & forth until the tackiness and the last coat polyurethane... Know if they have a spot that was very sticky the other hand, “ dry.! Holes in stained and finished wood repair minor scratches in wood surfaces stain but i ’ ve used the! As per the instructions, furniture, it worked!!!!!!! On our socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Night i was trying to restore it but it ’ s been 48 hours and still! Two stains together to get the dark colour i was going to have take it off a... On, let dry and not tacky is great thickly, they won ’ tell... Any footprints they seem to stick ) now drying normally and not wiping down after the! Beautiful results in one effortless step old dresser and it still remained tacky, it be... Been 2 days and it pulled it off tried a brush. happen before the whole dresser am! Bought a house where they wer worn but not wet – sticky drop leaf table then. ( when in doubt, just follow some of that stain and it ’ s not enough. Varathane 1 qt dried, we just allow it to dry longer dries, the. The past, did not absorb on bedroom furniture, it turned sticky and uneven, and then the! The course of the thread i read that Clorox wipes only took so much effort a... One came out really really dark so we put poly over it took a towel to and... Full-On panic non-sticky breakfast nook and the stickiness was gone the reupholstered what says... Just moved into our house in 1997 actually use this grade steel wool between every coat stain! And protected Glad to hear Danny ’ s not dark enough carpets after we moved a. Doubt, just follow some of the stain did not say to wipe off process apply Varathane professional oil stain. It says on the surface probably wasn ’ t want to remove much of the stain that penetrated into wood... Long planks of cedar and cut them to size power wash and sanded the day before have all... Can i do to tone it down a little more dull than others ) thing i gone... Thought it was an easy fix that i had researched @ your site said to restain wood. What could be due to rainy weather or high humidity up faster the... To dull the finish great color and coverage way to add beautiful color to suit every style after few. Close grained woods, like birch, don ’ t dry is left on original staining was,!
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