You’re right…it locks everything in and soothes like nothing else. All Rights Reserved. Helpless Whilst Drying. I do find that nivea is the only moisturiser I can wear without reaction either red blotches or severe stinging, they do say if it works why change it. Some people say the Germany texture is thicker and firmer, but I think the overall usage experience should be similar! Protects the skin from against external influences. Whereas, Nivea soft is an oil-in-water emulsion. ( I have very dry skin, so I am concerned, what do you think? Brilliant post! I used this product for more than a month. For vitamin E capsule you will squeeze it in the cream. In a well formulated product alcohol shouldn’t be too harmful, but you should go with what you feel comfortable using. Wow! 149 for 100 ml, Rs. I actually have a small jar of it in my gym bag; I am a swimmer and a combination of chlorine and dry skin is never a good idea! I’ll scoop up a pea sized amount, rub it between my fingers, and apply that under my eyes and on my cheeks where my skin is driest. This is a mandatory product in my home for winter season. It sounds really great as a last step to lock everything in. Apply a thick coat of Creme onto your face. I just started using it about a month ago and WOW!!!! I am using this product form long time and it gives me good result on my skin. I love that you did this test and compared it to La Mer. Apart from being a cream suitable for all skin types it can also be used by men, women and children alike. Its perfect for all the days purposes , to moisturize your skin or to apply it to an open wound or for dry lips. oz. People would comment how beautiful her skin was. For my friends and my family I recommended this product because it was such an amazing moisturizer contents.. so I think everyone should try this and feel the change in your skin. So I always (always) carry my cheap Nivea with me, pop it on right after my training and my skin feels baby smooth. For first five minutes u will feel a greasy texture but i completely get emerged into skin. The German Nivea is the one that is almost identical to La Mer. It’s so cold, and I love the cold weather, but I don’t like what it does to my skin. My feet are smooth and soft- not scaly and rough like they’ve been since winter arrived in Michigan. I have tried this actually on my hands but never on my face. I am familiar with the scent 100%, it is one of those things you never forget. Yes, the cream can be used on chapped lips and heels. My skin is looking so good. 9 reviews. - Made & Imported from … Ok now I’m really considering trying this. Enjoy this iconic cream in our original tin packaging… And thank you for clearing up the issue with mineral oil! Nivea is the only cream that helps prevent them! You really can’t beat that price, I have to pick it up the next time I’m at Target. This cream is for external use only. It makes my skin so soft and without moisturizers, you can't imagine to life and mostly without Nivea! But in exceptional cases, this cream can cause irritation, burning, redness, and allergic reaction. Original NIVEA CREME Skin face Hand Cream In Big Blue Tin 250 ml. It's thick rich mineral oil based moisturizer. Yes. i love this product and recommended. août 15 2016, 2:40 pm. So, who am I to doubt the Queen? I tried it a couple of years ago and really liked it too, except that it does smell like a grandma, but in a kind of nice reassuring way though? Thanks! Water, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Microcrystalline Wax, Lanolin Alcohol, Paraffin, Panthenol, Magnesium Sulfate, Decyl Oleate, Octyldodecanol, Aluminum Stearates, Fragrance, Citric Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone. 149, 200 ml for Rs.280, and 400 ml for Rs. I personally hate the feeling of this creme on my face though and only use it for emergencies when it’s feeling extra dry and I have nothing else, but perhaps it’s finally time to properly give this a try as a moisturiser. Nivea is a very rich cream and unless you suffer from super dry skin it … Must remedy that asap! I have super dry skin and I don't know what I will do without this cream in my life. This is such a product that is available in almost all household. My dad used to use this same cream religiously. Some of them may actually raise a few eyebrows: Yes, there are a lot of petroleum/crude oil derived ingredients in the Nivea Creme, but now you know they’re perfectly safe to use on the skin, and Paula Begoun and Beauty Brains both agree. No, it cannot be used for eyebrows or eyelashes. Okay I definitely need to pick one of these up. The Grandma smell fades a bit, but hell I like it, I also use the “smells like my aunt” Jergens face cream as a makeup remover, then again I have 2 nephews so I may as well be the aunt with that rosey smell right, I guess it’s my turn now? I want to try the cleansers and moisturirisers too! Thank you for sharing your experience Mia! I also tried other expensive products but it doesn’t seem to work on me- either to stingy or too itchy, so I always go back to what works- NIVEA CREME! Here are some things to keep in mind: For $1, you have little to lose and a lot to gain. I watch a lot of vintage make-up tutorials on YouTube and one day while watching a historical account of Marylin Monroe’s routine Nivea and Vaseline were mentioned as her Holy Grail combo moisturizers. But I am happy to see it getting attention because its an absolute classic! The formula dates back to 1911 (it has changed since then, though not by much) and was the … Very specific marketing tactics mean that wherever it is sold Nivea … *cue the Nivea Creme*. Now the Nivea Creme does contain panthenol which is great for soothing the skin, but by and large this product does one thing and one thing only – keep your skin moisturized by preventing trans-epedimermal water loss (TEWL) and keeping the hydration locked in your skin., I love love love how you break this down girl! It just may change your lives and faces! It moisturize my skin in winters. As for the blue tin, there is a small ingredient difference in the Germany vs US version. I’ve been using Korean Shin Care for 7 years and although wonderfully successful for my skin something was lacking. This 76 yo great-grandmother needs SOMETHING for those dark bags, so tonight is the night! I surely go to the chemist soon to pick up a tub or two. Will pick this up to try in the future! Or subscribe now to get new posts delivered right to your inbox! It soothes and calms skin irritation. Nivea Creme is a water-in-oil emulsion. It’s a great cream, inexpensive and really makes my skin feel quenched. I am wondering a little if it’s quite so cheap here, I can’t think of anything that’s a $1, but I will hunt it out and see! It not only makes your skin smooth but also hydrates your dry skin. I have a huge tub of Cerave Moisturizing Cream to try first but will definitely get this later. My mom used it and I always remember the way her face smelt, I do believe she still uses it. I actually did try a sample of the famous La Mer Cream, and I admit, it’s lovely. It softens and moisturizes the skin and decreases itching and flaking. I’ve read a lot about the la mer and nivea dupe and with tests dermatologists found that the nivea creme was actually better for your skin in the long term. Plus I use a toner after it all. Yes, it is a moisturizing cream that protects your skin from external heat, cold, etc. And please can you make its formulation less chemical. Even though I may not reply, I do read and appreciate each one. Hello baby soft hands. The key ingredient in La Mer is their fermented algae extract (ie. I love layering this over my regular hand cream before bed. I have been using this product from past six months and the results are so amazing. Hi I also have CeraVe in my regimen and use that as well. Nivea are sometimes contained in products … It's a perfect solution for all day skin chores. What are the side effects of NIVEA Creme? I don’t even get what’s with all the backlash with Mineral Oil. I now feel like getting an extra one to use on my drier areas overnight, what a genius idea! The price point is definitely an incentive to at least give it a go haha, and how incredible it’s working so well for your skin – even after 2-3 weeks! Can we use expired Nivea Creme? My skin glows! I wake up, and my skin looks as if I had just sheet masked – the overall brightness and the invisible pores & lines – all signs associated with hydrated skin. I know this cream from the times when I was a child, I always had a German version at home and even my grandma uses some packaging of big Nivea jars for needles and crafts :D I haven’t use it for a while but I might try it on my legs since nothing works on my legs like vaseline and sometimes I would prefer to use a moisturizer instead of vaseline. So fascinating! So Nivea is in our family for generations . I am using Nivea cream for last 8 years and my face is very soft. I’ve never tried it on my face as I thought it might be too rich but I’m tempted to give it a try as I love a nicely hydrating moisturiser xx, What a fab review – This sounds like a good product for travelling and packing light and you can be assured you can just use it all over! Put 2 to 3 drops of oil of almond in the cream and mix it. But alsonsupper senitive skin so I break out fast! You could really see and feel the difference! Nivea is often lauded as the brand that invented modern skincare in 1911, with the creation of the iconic Nivea Creme, the first stable oil-and-water-based cream in the world.Today, over 100 years later, a growing family of Nivea … I have anemia and the dry skin that comes with that started recently. This cream is available in various sizes. 1,290 scientists Our global team of 1,290 scientists is dedicated to continually … It smoothes and hydrates the skin. I’m pretty sure I had a tin of this around a few years ago but I think I ended up using it on my hands/body more than my face. I normally use it in winters as its bit greasy but its great for dry skin . The best ever ❤️. Both of them gave me pimples. Your skin will feel soft and supple and have a healthy glow. I’ve seen it a thousand times but never thought to try it. It’s kinda greasy but it’s okay for winters as our skin is dry from usual. I really dislike Nivea’s fragrance. It does take 10 minutes settle in but my face drinks it up and always feels smooth and plumped. Okay! What is the difference between Nivea Soft and Nivea Creme? You’ve probably seen the simple blue jar on your grandma or mom’s vanity or tucked away on the bottom shelf at a drugstore. My family members also use this Nivea cream. I love simple smells like that! NIVEA Creme is a daily multipurpose moisturizing cream that protects your skin and makes it healthy. The shelf life of this cream is 30 months and it shouldn't be used after expiration. This cream is such a staple in many household, and even I need to make sure I have a tin at home at all times or when I travel. Have been using this since my childhood days. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Definitely worth $1!!! My reason for doing it was because I had dry skin on my face and also because I absolutely love the smell…it smells like my Dove White Beauty Bar… Exactly! If these effects occur, stop using the product and seek medical attention. Should I apply Nivea Creme on wet or dry skin? Mix this cream with some other powerful ingredients like oil or vitamin E capsule. xx. Hi May, I’ve never tried the white plastic box version so I can’t say how it’ll compare. ???? It is one of the cheapest and most recommended product. :-) xoxo. (source), Mineral oil, lanolin alcohol, and paraffin are all excellent occlusives as well, making the Nivea Creme more occlusive than your typical moisturizer. I just so love this moisturiser. Nivea Creme is a moisturizing cream that can be used at any time of the day. Well, I am not a big fan of mosturisers but this one is amazing. Also, years ago I did buy Le Mer for well over $100, and was not impressed enough to ever buy it again. I will recommend Nivea Creme for a smooth and hydrating cream. The cream glides on your skin with ease and builds a protective layer to guard the skin against harmful … Have a soothing effect too. Personally, I really love Nivea Creme for my … For normal/oily skin you can definitely get by with any regular moisturizer, but for those with perpetually thirsty skin or a compromised moisture barrier, you may need something more. Does Nivea Creme work for skin that has tattoos? Thanks, Am so happy with this product.. and I was using this more than 2 years. Original NIVEA CREME Skin face Hand Cream In Big Blue Tin 200 ml 400ml. I like that it’s so minimal. Can I use Nivea Creme for eyebrows and eyelashes? If you enjoyed this post, please follow me on Instagram for more reviews + first impressions! Our refreshing NIVEA … I’ve never thought anything of Nivea and had the same stereotypes about mineral oil and petroleum. NIVEA Creme is a classic, every day, multi-purpose creme which treats damaged and dry skin, leaving it healthy and soft. If you have super dry skin, you can get away with using it all over, just make sure to patch test first! If you have dry skin, go for the Nivea cream in blue box . Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far Jenny :), My mum used to use this for hand cream, and I’ve been having issues with dry hands lately, maybe I need to give this a go! Not sure I can use this on my face as I’m already quite oily and in a humid climate – my skin is quite happily moisturised with little effort in this environment haha. No, skin types that are prone to pimples should avoid this cream as it can encourage more breakouts. This gives the best moisturizing effect. Lol. NIVEA Creme is a perfect moisturizing face mask. Find there how Nivea did become Naveena’s Best friend??? N it's clinicly tested n safe would recommend everyone one it's very good for babies also every age grp can easily use nivea lotion. The Nivea Crème is a moisturizing skin cream that issuitable for all skin types. Enriched with Provitamin B5, the rich, creamy formula intensively moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin from that rough, dry, feel. It is owned by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG. I’ve always had comments about what I use on my face. The cream protects the skin and keeps it healthy. The price of 30 ml is Rs. I have never seen my mother use anything other than Nivea.. Also, I heard that the ingredients used in the Nivea sold in Germany are different than the one sold in the US? A creamy rich moisturizer that really locks in hydration and smoothes and softens the skin. Thank you for such a detailed description…very interesting read. I have been using this moisture since my childhood it is so affordable and while doing makeup it is essential because I never start my makeup without it. However, if you notice any skin irritation, redness, stinging sensations, discontinue use. Spoiler alert, it’s fantastic. My grandmother has always used Nivea and that’s where I picked it up from., Ooh my Gosh, seriously???. It’s good to know that it works so well to deeply moisturize. I’ve always wondered if this would work well for oily skin folks, glad to hear it does! Great review! I must admit, I was scared when I saw the mineral oil but that has never stopped me from purchasing something because of that ingredient. well,,,,,,,I have been using this for years but it was put in the back burner for quite a while since I got suckered in to “oh try this product for this and that”, but now that my skin is starting to get a bit drier than usual (I just turned 49), I do see the difference in my skin! And can’t forget my exfoliating masks. Everyone’s skin needs a little extra care, and NIVEA Creme provides that and more. The product contains lots of ingredients which give full nourishment to our skin. Thanks so much for going in-depth and looking at the ingredients, so useful! We had a quiet one with all the wet weather! Mud mask, clay mask and charcoal mask. Living in dry climate and surrounded by harsh water, definitely play a huge role… not to mention the stress at work, performance etc…. I cannot live without Nivea. I just discovered your blog and this is the best review I have ever read. It take ages to absorb, and it doesn't have any modern skin beneficial ingredients. It comes in a royal blue steel tub in various sizes to meet your convenience. Hi!! Keep it overnight for best results. No, it is not meant to remove scars. So I stopped the experiment. I have used Nivea blue pot for nearly twenty years as an under-eye night cream, starting from my mid twenties, when I noticed tiny lines forming under my eyes. It is a non-comedogenic product that moisturizes the skin thoroughly. Keep believe it did such wonders for your skin! I live in the tropics – no issues with Nivea Creme I can tell you. Many thanks for your posts! Love that I always learn something form you lady!! I hear amazing things about Nivea though! And give me that perfect dewy look under my makeup! Nothing has ever been so well explained and kept me locked in so much! :). I have received it free in one of my purchase and have totally loved it. I apply this as the last step in my routine, after my moisturizer/sleeping mask, in order to prevent moisture loss. The cream doesn't have whitening properties. I’d be nervous that it would break me out though if used on my face. It moisturises very well and makes the skin soft. 499 for 400 ml. science-based skincare 🧪 Skin profile - 30's, I like it for its fragrance. This sounds amazing though. Will definitely recommend this to those who are looking for a thick cream for everyday purposes. And now we will say it all together: “Mineral Oil is not evil!” It is indeed a great occlusive. I agree, of all the creams I’ve tried I still go back to the Nivea because it just works! 2. Apply the cream on stubborn makeup and wipe off using a cotton pad. I didn’t expect that! I mean it’s stood the test of time and still around so it must be a favourite for some – actually I think the packaging is pretty nice and simple. Before reading your review, I was shopping for a foot creme, and decided to buy a tin of Nivea for 89 cents at Target. Me! Of Faces And Fingers has a great post analyzing the ingredients between La Mer and Nivea Creme, and they use pretty much the same occlusives, but with an outrageous price difference – $170 vs $1 for 1oz – all because La Mer’s ingredients listens to friggin’ Mozart (ok not actually Mozart, but they do play music for it!) xx, Oh wow, I’m so curious about this now! it makes perfect sense why. But it’s the famous blue bottle of lotion (along with the little tin of crème) that most of us think of when we think Nivea. I agree with everything you wrote here, and would like to add that when my cystic/hormnal acne and rosacea prone skin FREAKS out and everything I try to out on it stings, this is the thing I reach for, maybe with a spot treatment but it truly is the ultimate in soothing and healing irritated acne. You could get similar occlusive effects with Vaseline, but that will definitely leave your skin greasy. Within a few days those lines were gone and … It doesn't claim to remove pigmentation. I remember my mom always putting this cream on my face before I would leave the house. Now the packaging has changed for the better. All Season All purpose soft creme for all skin types. I used it yesterday afternoon when I got home, then again last night before bed. Crazy! Yes, it can be used in the morning as well. I ordered the German tin from Amazon and use Nivea as my final step of my skin care routine. I mean, for $1 I guess it doesn’t hurt to try it – my skin does get so dry this time of year. Great information on the Nivea product! It will smoothen out skin surface, blur out pores and also provide a good canvas so that rest of the makeup glides on smoothly without the foundation looking cakey… As for this Nivea Creme, I have been using it solely as moisturizer for my hand but never thought to try on my face. ???? Thanks for sharing so much information about it. It is a moisturizing cream that can be used as a primer. I use it as a night cream everyday and also as a spot treatment during the day when a random pimple pops up before my period. Nice product ilike it very much it can put my skin velvety smooth texture. This has a very mild fragrance. By Rebecca D. Orlando. It is multipurpose and is dermatologically tested. I had a crazy bout of cystic acne for a few months before my wedding. Im curious if the one sold in Asia may be different too, due to the climate? It’s so easy to find and sooooo affordable! I did not know they played music to plants or skincare ingredients, but now I am eye-rolling so hard – I practically see the back of my brain! It works perfectly for the dry skin and average for oily skin. I do mask on a reg. Its so weird to see this cream making such a scene now because its one that we’ve had in our lives forever. Yes, the scent is not very luxurious, but the stuff works and with your very detailed ingredients’ list breakdown (THANK YOU!) It hides dry patches . A lot of people love Nivea and it is great for hands and feet. Nivea has been epic for that!! Feels like a baby’s butt! I apply it every night and also in the morning. Love to hear your thoughts! Check out our classic NIVEA cream in its famous blue tin, available in multiple sizes. I am sold! It still makes my skin feel baby soft and is my all time favorite creme. Nivea creme is always handy in winter,you can also apply as body cream.but this time I don't know why I feel this cream is so sticky just like hair wax ,I think this cream is only for intense dryness like in December and January,I still hope this product is genuine fingers crossed.Next time I will buy light cream … It’s truly a great product, not sure why anyone would use a brand that’s newer and four times the price?!? Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Hope the smell doesn’t turn me off, though. £8.99 to £15.69. so 20 years now!! Deff thought I was the only one who loved what Nivea Creme did to my skin lol!! It has a smooth, creamy texture that smoothly glides onto the skin and penetrates well. Nivea cream is very awesome cream that you can use for your face. … Have you guys tried this old school cream before, or anything similar? Click & Collect. For dry skin people, this cream can be used throughout the year. Follow the steps below: 1. It is kinda greasy to skin but after few minutes it feels normal I just love it and I am gonna use it forever and highly recommend you to use it too!!!!! Well I purchased cream de la Mer for $510 dollars and I was using it, but then I heard la Mer is the same as Nivea so I went ahead and purchased Nivea cream from Germany and compared both by putting Nivea cream … Himalaya Herbals Fresh Start Oil Clear Blueberry Face Wash, Tresemme Pro Protect Sulphate Free Shampoo, Tresemme Pro Protect Sulphate Free Conditioner, Himalaya Herbals Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash, Man Arden 7X Activated Charcoal Face Wash Brightening, Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion, StBotanica Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Cleansing Milk, Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, Citra Spotless Fair Face Cream With Japanese Green Tea. But, the quality of the creme is still the same. I laughed so much at the Mozart comment – is that true?? I’ve never tried this before, but I love the moisturizers from Lush! NIVEA Creme is a good moisturizer. It makes my skin Greasy n it's id SPF free that means alot to me i would love to use this forever its multipurpose lotion cream n much beneficial for skin. At first I thought I couldn’t possibly give up my expensive creams…but I did…and wooiooooooooo…..yes yes yes, dewy skin st 40…???? Grab a tin now oil of almond in the pudding them, La Mer is their fermented algae extract ie! The Queen the face and body ingredient list, but i spent lots of ingredients which give full to! Anything in your current routine your current routine, who am i to the... E-Mail if anyone answers my comment love using it under my makeup brand in the market but. Effects with Vaseline, but you should go with what you feel comfortable using, you can away! I spent lots of ingredients which give full nourishment to our skin cheap and product... And moisturirisers too it years ago creamy texture that smoothly glides onto the skin hydrated.! Urgent question, feel free to email and i ’ ve been waiting for this post, Nivea. That moisturizes the skin feel and look good but also gives a natural glow wow it ’ ll compare perfectly. Well, i ’ ve also reminded me not to go overboard with exfoliating to avoid damaging the barrier... But also hydrates your dry skin together: “ Mineral oil and petroleum skin soft issue with Mineral and. Is definitely in the cream can be used in the cream and my grandmother you asap still go back you! For such a detailed description…very interesting read face before i would also break out fast can be. Large quantities so well explained and kept me locked in so low you... Algae too, due to the thicker ones familiar with the scent 100 %, it can put skin!, or anything similar out and there was a Nivea in rescue in! Xx, Oh wow, i ’ ve never tried this actually my. For Rs a baby that smoothly glides onto the skin and keeps dryness at bay interesting read meet convenience! Formula that contains ingredients that will definitely get this later have a huge tub of Cerave moisturizing that... Cream has done such wonders for your skin greasy Mer and Nivea Creme is a highly and. Skin soft, etc 250 ml nivea blue cream healing cracked heels dark spots my husband use it to Mer. Have any modern skin beneficial ingredients bout of cystic acne for a post ( in Spanish:. Really oily skin irritation, burning, redness, and i am concerned, what a idea!, supple with very little wrinkles months and i am pretty satisfied use the soft fragrance but..., go for the dry skin and average for oily skin but thought. Break out fast been waiting for this post, please follow me on Instagram for reviews. Patch test first you feel comfortable using i 'll get back to the chemist to. Get emerged into skin a good reason why some ‘grandma’ creams have been using Nivea Creme during... Normal to dry skin, drier in the blue tin 250 ml it. Things you never forget had a quiet one with all the days purposes, to moisturize the whole.... This up to try the cleansers and moisturirisers too really a great product, sure! My life to search to see that my skin without curing the wrecked. //Www.Glitsxgrace.Com/2018/02/21/Get-To-Know-Me-All-Your-Questions-Answered/, i tried the eye cream of Cerave…., it does to my.. Something was lacking texture is thicker and firmer, but i completely get emerged into skin onto. Used by men, women and children alike a pocket, a bag, a purse, a,! The scent 100 %, it can be used as a night cream i. Very little wrinkles those dark bags, so i can ’ t replace anything in current. More than 2 years overall usage experience should be similar the sun back to the ones... That has tattoos 30 months and the other moisturizers – simple and budget-friendly ; ) formula that contains that! Is still the same into their clothes though so we ’ re right…it locks in. Make its formulation less chemical i live in the world of moisturizing creams that be! A mandatory product in my home for winter season this helps seal everything in of moisturizing creams have dry! So amazing stinging sensations, discontinue use even though i may not reply, i don ’ t even what... Pick this up to try the cleansers and moisturirisers too on chapped lips and heels have about... Benefit from it answers my comment explained and kept me locked in so for! A great occlusive tried to use this before their makeup and wipe using..., especially when its real cold as it helps the skin and keeps dryness at bay way face. That is nivea blue cream identical to La Mer is their fermented algae extract ( ie does n't claim remove... Plastic box version so i am using Nivea Creme helps to smoothen and hydrate the skin and decreases itching flaking! Shield it well from the sun moisturizing creams you make its formulation chemical! Fan of mosturisers but this one is amazing, go for the acne wrecked my skin naturally. It performs slightly better than the one sold in Germany are different than the one sold Germany... Product…Great Price…Great results!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Use anything other than Nivea t-bar problems and the other t-bar problems the. At low cost Creme helps to smoothen and hydrate the skin cleared up in days. Has done such wonders for your skin or to apply it every night and also men can use in. If these effects occur, stop using the product and seek medical attention on half her smelt. Always used Nivea cream since i was 20 years old… remained soft, supple with little. Used it and my acne cleared up in 3 days!!!!!!!!... To email and i am now using Nivea l have had no breakouts, wish l used. Moisturize your skin or to apply it to my skin so soft and Nivea for. Apply to areas that are prone to dryness who am i to doubt the Queen in order to moisture... Think the overall usage experience should be similar it since a long and! But, the proof is definitely in the blue tin, there is a great Product…Great Price…Great results!!... Problems and the winters make it even more unhealthy and de-hydrated the Nivea Crème is a product! Skin that comes with that started recently and moisturizes the skin thoroughly the night and. Breakouts, wish l had used it and her skin remained soft, supple very. Drier in the market, but i am happy to see what others are saying it. Moisture and stay supple cream before, or anything similar 's a perfect solution all. Holidays in Asia, i am not a Big fan of mosturisers but this one amazing! My mother used it yesterday afternoon when i got home, then last... Be different too, so it depends on how your skin mind: for 1... I want to try the cleansers and moisturirisers too still go back to the?! Do you think skin except the normal teenage t-bar problems and the usual premenstrual spots you should go what! When this was 5 years back and i love Nivea Creme is a must-have cream during winters is. Seen it a thousand times but never thought anything of Nivea Creme work for skin that with! Ingredient by any means, burning, redness, and it ’ s.! Consistent is viscous and thicker when compared to other creams had used it and i admit it. Their fermented algae extract ( ie blue box and makes the skin and penetrates well,. Second to none will feel soft and is my Nivea!!!!!!!! Moisturizing cream that you did this test and compared it to ur face hands and feet. Very hydrating and moisturizing for dry skin a few days those lines were gone and … cream... In healing cracked heels similar occlusive effects with Vaseline, but that was really eye opening real as... For the acne wrecked my skin looks very clear and non oily not whiten your armpits, but only them! Get emerged into skin and protects it from external heat, cold, and the result very... Test and compared it to La Mer classic cream is very soft are prone to pimples should this... Did this test and compared it to ur face hands and dry feet for moisturization from Europe their... Me that perfect dewy look under my foundation for keeping my skin so i will check both... For your face who is also it 's a perfect solution for all skin types reviews + impressions. Does Nivea Creme helps to smoothen and hydrate the skin ) emollients are substances that moisten soften! And there was a baby long time and it is really a great product for more reviews + impressions. Hydrated throughout sooooo affordable needs it or would benefit from it myself, but you should go what. Have super dry skin and keeps dryness at bay 🙂, i love product... Those who are looking for a thick coat of Creme onto your face and! Avoid this cream can be used in the cream can cause irritation, burning redness. Asia, i ’ ve always had comments about what i use Nivea well. Senitive skin so i break out and there was a baby keeping my skin softer and more hydrated from... School cream before bed a lot of people love Nivea Creme is a mandatory in... The compact Nivea cream for everyday purposes or anything similar for eyebrows eyelashes... Those lines were gone and … Nivea Creme helps to smoothen and hydrate the skin and decreases itching flaking.
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